Where is it going to be held?

It is held at the Auditorium of Cotxeres de Sants, a building of more than 1000m2 divided into a plant area and a tiered area. It is located in the heart of the Sants neighborhood, just 600 meters from the Renfe station, with excellent public transport links.

What is the schedule?

The Dolly Festival 2022 will be held on the weekend of July 2th and 3th. The opening hours are from 10 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon on Saturday and from 11 to 7pm on Sunday.

Do you close at noon?

No, we do not close, in fact, we also schedule activities at noon.

What is the maximum capacity of the venue?

The maximum capacity of the venue is 700 people.

Why do you hold the event in a civic centre and not in a hotel like other events?

The Auditorium of Cotxeres de Sants is one of the spaces with the greatest capacity and lowest rental price in the city of Barcelona. For this reason, the price of tickets and stands is lower and we can focus on what is important: raise money for the collaborating Foundation.


Will you sell tickets at the box office, or can they only be purchased online?

You can buy your tickets at the box office, although the two-day passes can only be purchased online or on Saturday at the ticket office

What kind of tickets are there?

We have two types of entry.

One day entry: Includes the right to enter the event and enjoy your activities on the selected day, a Welcome Pack and a number for the raffle. Its price is € 10

The two-day pass: Includes the right to enter the event and enjoy their activities during the two days, a Welcome Pack, and two numbers for the raffle. Its price is € 15

What steps should I follow to buy tickets online?

To buy the tickets online you just have to select the «Tickets» banner and follow the link, which will take you to the Yapsody page where you can buy the tickets.

If you want entry for a single day, select the option «Single Day Ticket» and choose the day you want to come.

For two-day passes, select the «Two-Day Pass» option.

How can I know what my entry number is?

The tickets are not numbered, but the staff has a list with the purchase register with the number of tickets that each person has bought and in what order they have been purchased.

Is it mandatory to have entry to enter the event?

Yes, it is mandatory to have it, unless you are a booth or stall attendant, in which case we already have it registered.

I forgot the ticket at home, Does the mobile phone work or is it necessary to print the entry?

Of course! You can bring your ticket in your mobile phone if you have forgotten it, or you have preferred to take care of the environment and not print it.

The two-day pass, is it for one person?

All tickets and passes are personal and non-transferable.

Do you make discount on purchasing the ticket? (Carnet Jove, Groups, Large family …)

No, unfortunately we cannot make any discount with the entry.

The tickets have no name, can anyone go?

Although the entries do not have a name, there is a purchase record that we use to know who goes to the event and who is each entry. In case the person who has acquired the entry in the first instance can’t come, and another person comes, we ask that you inform us to modify this registry, for the benefit of all.

My son is 10 years old, does he have free admission?

Children under 11 can enter the event for free, as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


What is the Welcome Pack and what does it include? Do all the Welcome Pack include the same?

The Welcome Pack is a cloth bag of the event, which includes staff gifts and cards and gifts from our sponsors.

Some gifts are limited for the first tickets, so hurry up and get yours!

Can you buy one or more Welcome Pack?

Each Welcome Packs is assigned to one entry. If you want a Welcome Pack, you will have to buy the ticket. In exceptional cases, we would sell some left over Welcome Pack at the end of the event, in order to add that amount to the donation for the collaborating foundation.


How do I get the raffle number on the second day if I have the two-day pass?

On Sunday when you arrive at the event, show us your two-day pass and we will give you the raffle number for that day.

Are all donations received raffled at the event?

All are raffled in the event

How can I know what is raffled each day?

In our Facebook page and on the Website you will find, a few days before the event, what will be raffled each of the two days. If we receive unexpected and last minute donations, these will not be included in the publications, but even so, we will post photos of the raffle table so you can check it out.

Is it necessary to be at the time of the Raffle to receive the prize?

Yes. Our raffles are always face-to-face, which means that it is necessary to be at the time of the raffle, or give your numbers to someone you trust to collect your prize in case of winning.


What criteria are followed to select the association or charitable foundation with which you collaborate in the Dolly Festival?

It is very difficult to choose who to donate the money collected, since all associations deserve it.

To choose the Association or Foundation with which we will collaborate in the Dolly Festival we make an exhaustive search of entities that help people, and especially children, who are usually the forgotten ones.

To choose the Association or Foundation with which we will collaborate in the Tiny Dolly Festival, we look for entities that support animals, to give voice to the voiceless.

What is done with the money collected?

The raffle money is entirely destined to the association or foundation beneficiary of that edition. The expenses of the event are covered with the price of the stands and a small part of the tickets, so the rest of the money for tickets goes to the association or foundation together with the money of the raffle.

Each edition we specify the total of the money donated next to a receipt of the donation.


How can I be a stall?

If you want to be a stall, check the registration deadlines in the «Stalls» section or keep an eye on our publications on social networks.

The list of stalls has been closed, is there any way to request a stall?

If you want to request a stall once the list of stalls is closed, the only way is to contact us directly. This does not assure you, in any case, that you will be granted a stall.

Your request will be assessed, and if that assessment is positive, you will be included in the waiting list, to notify you in case of a stall finally can’t assist.

How can I be a sponsor?

Go to the «Sponsors» section to learn about our sponsorship program.


Can I leave and enter the event whenever I want?

Everytime you want! We will seal your hand, every day with a different stamp, so you can enter and exit as much as you want

Is food or drink sold at the event?

No, there is no restaurant service within the event.

Can I eat inside the event?

In fact, we suggest you bring your food from home or from a nearby restaurant. Inside the event there is a huge tiered area where you can eat with your friends! Just remember to leave the space where you have eaten as clean as possible so we can all enjoy it and avoid bringing food to the stalls (unless you are one of them!)

Are dogs allowed?

By regulations of the room, only guide dogs can access the event site.

Is the room adapted for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the venue has an adapted access, ramps to access the different spaces and an adapted bathroom. In addition, as an organization we decided to assemble the stands that allow wide corridors, so no one has problems.

Is the sale of recast allowed?

The sale of recast dolls at the event is totally prohibited.


Is it located in a central area? Is it difficult to access the event by public transport?

In addition to being in a fairly central area, getting to the event by public transport could not be easier!

If you want to come by metro -in fact, we recommend it- you only should get off at the «Plaça de Sants» station on lines L1 (Red) and L5 (Blue).

You can also get closer by taking a short walk (600 m.) From the Sants Station, where most of the Cercanías and all the Half-Distance and Long-Distance trains stop.

If you prefer bus, you can take the 32, the 34 or the 50.

Is there a place to park?

As in most large cities, parking is complicated on the street, but there are private parking near.


Are there areas where you can buy food or drinks nearby?

Yes, it is a full of life neighbourhood, with very close places to buy food or drink.

Are there accommodation areas near the event? What accommodation do you recommend?

Barcelona is a city full of places to stay, whether hotels, hostels or apartments. We recommend that you look for a hotel near the area, or with nearby metro service, since it will be more comfortable and easier to reach.


How can I contact you?

Contacting us is very easy! Send us an email to dollyfestival@hotmail.com