SO – Sister Fox’s Princesses


-Talk us about you: Who are you? How did you started with dolls collection?

I am a ball jointed doll master from Russia. I liked dolls since I was a child. If I had a chance, I would become a doll collector but I became the doll artist first. I used to like any handwork and craft since my childhood. Once I found handmade dolls in network. I was astonished that hands made this beauty. I desired to make it too. And I could not stop then.

-Tell us about your work

I like movable dolls you can play and interact, dress them and pose them. In the end, it occurred that ball jointed dolls fits the best. They can be made of any material, starting from modelling clay and finishing with noble porcelain or professional resin. And it was my way in doll making – I started from making dolls of modeling clay, then I tried to cast them in flumo, then I started working with porcelain. However, porcelain dolls are the sort of art, they are not so affordable and easy to play and I decided to make more affordable and handy dolls. And I have released the resin line of ball jointed dolls.

What we will find at your stall, or your store, if you won’t assist to the event?

I will come to the fest with my resin ball jointed dolls. I make a little pocket size girl dolls, they are 23 cm tall. There are six face molds. They are very handy and they can wear Blythe and Momoko size clothes. Also I’m planning the presentation of a new line of tiny ball jointed male dolls to accompany this girls. In addition, some tiny ball jointed animals.

-Could you send us some links of your web pages where we can find your works and know more about you? Can we follow you at some social media?

I have a flickr account,



and etsy shop

-How many years of experience do you have collecting dolls?

I still didn’t become a doll collector. I make dolls for more than 6 years.

-What was your inspiration when you started working on dolls?

Above all my inspiration is Marina Bychkova.

-Have you got any plans for future? Which?

I have many plans all the time but not enough time to realize them. I was thinking about the new line of dolls a little bigger. Moreover, for a couple of years I dreamed to make a fashion doll. May be it’s time to realize this projects.

-How do you live your hobby?

This hobby became the important part of my life. I feel it’s the way to release my creativity and to make some people happy

-What do you think that people like the most of your store?

I hope they will like all my work 🙂

-What is your best-seller?

It seems that the most popular is mold Rose. Moreover, quite often customers order this mold with red hair and freckles 🙂

-Show us your work!

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– Her donation! Berry – BJD 23 cm – Su donación