SP – Nympheas Dolls


-Talk us about you: Who are you? How did you started with dolls collection?

I am K6, or Sophie, if you would prefer to call me by my name. I was born in 1983, and I spent my first seven years in my mother’s library, avidly flipping pages of books all day long, I also loved to spend my spare time drawing in the back room, and it is probably this period of my life that made me realize that I wanted to write, draw, and tell stories.

I have many passions. I make short films and I’m part of a association in my region, I also am passionate about martial arts, Kung Fu in particular. I enjoy practicing a little bit of everything, as I’m a big kid who loves to play. I love to write and organize murder mystery parties. I also love all kinds of role-playing games and board games

I discover BJD 10 years ago and fall in love with a Narae, so beautiful and seem to breathe !

I was quickly conquered and addict

-Tell us about your work

When i made my first doll I was keen to create a cute and poetic universe, and that led to my creating my first ball-jointed doll (BJD), Nymphette. Then i create many dolls and try each time to made something new and do not lock me in a style but I think you recognize my work anyway >-< i made forest creatures, Flower spirit, animals, Nymphs… i want to made a positive and fancy characters with emotion and life in them; they resemble children in fairy tales.

Each time I create something I am driven by a desire irresistible to give life to the character in my head.

-What we will find at your stall, or your store, if you won’t assist to the event?

You could fin dolls (Friends are the creatures, Childs – 17cm tall , Lady – 30cm tall), some ooak (one of kind) and preorder I open just ready every two months. Many dolls are Out of stock but I open a ‘dolls in stock’ section where you could find the dolls that are left !

-Could you send us some links of your web pages where we can find your works and know more about you? Can we follow you at some social media?

Here is my website :https://www.nympheasdolls.com/ I also have a facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/k6.nympheasdolls/

And don’t forget to suscribe my Newsletter if you want to receive the info about new order 🙂

-How many years of experience do you have collecting dolls?

Hi collect doll since 10 years and have a beautiful collection who made me happy every time I see them, I made dolls since 5 years.

-What was your inspiration when you started working on dolls?

I studied graphic design. I was especially passionate about illustration, and I wanted a job where I could draw. I had the chance to make illustrations for many french compagny. The company where I stayed the longest was called Astrocenter; I was illustrating all their astrological products, especially tarot. I stayed there for six years until the company was sold, putting an end to my services there. I took advantage of my subsequent free time to suggest themes for books that I could write and illustrate for publishers’ youth markets and make dolls because it was something I wanted do try since the beginning. My inspirations are multiple, I read many books and comics, love illustration and collect art book too …

-Have you got any plans for future? Which?

Right now I’m working on Squirrel, she is a lady doll. I wanted to make a sexy character, I also am working on a nipnip (which is a series of little funny animals with fruit on their heads), that are articulated, and Chou, a baby caterpillar.

-How do you live your hobby?

A real ruin, lol, this is a real source of happiness for me, artists amaze me with their talents and all that have different characters can find, each with its own personality it’s magic! I work every in my workshop and my dolls collection is in this room to, I feel good here because it fits me .

-What do you think that people like the most of your store?

I don’t know, I try my best to answer and help customers and visitor who have question, i’m flexible and offer many installments options to help…and maybe they like my work and universe ? Few people follow me since many years and it is a source of infinite joy, they give me so much friendship, they are amazing and faithful.

– What is your best-seller?

without a doubt it’s Fanny my little deer ! People love her, maybe because they remember Bambi ?

-Send us pictures!

I thank you very much for your attention and support.