Sponsor – It’s Alive! Dolls

Its Alive - Logo

  • Talk us about you: Who are you? How did you started with dolls collection?


We are a group of friends who like making tiny pretty things. We are based in Barcelona. We got started because we wanted to make tiny cosplay characters.


  • Tell us about your work


We are more interested in modifying dolls and making fantasy creatures, than making real life replicas. so fairy wings, horns, witch hats, magical items, game armour are part of our process.


  • What we will find at your stall, or your store (if you won’t assist to the event)?


We are bringing fantasy items like our Tattered Lace Wings, Spirit Witch  Hats, Horns, and items from the magical world of Harry Potter – like Quidditch brooms and robes.


  • Could you send us some links of your web pages where we can find your works and know more about you? Can we follow you at some social media?


We have an Instagram – www.Instagram.com/its_alive_dolls – we have only  just started sharing photos so its brand new.


  • Show us your work!

its alive dolls - forest spirit witch hat - blue