SP – Mimiwoo



-Talk us about you: Who are you? How did you started with dolls collection?

Mimi Collection star to collect and sell Bjd and related item since 1996. At that moment, we fall in love with VOLKS BJD. We went to Japan 3-4 times per year for shopping =^.^=

-Tell us about your work

Now, Mimi Collection is not only resell the BJD but also design our own doll shoes, outfits, wigs and other accessories. We loves to develop some fashion and new items for our dolls

-What we will find at your stall, or your store, if you won’t assist to the event?

You can find Blythe Doll, Obitsu Body, Parabox Doll Head , Momoko and our own brand Mimi Collection Shoes , Outfits and Wigs. Also, a lot of miniature items for Bjd such as Food, Chair, Bicycle and Clothes DIY Material button s & Buckle.

-Could you send us some links of your web pages where we can find your works and know more about you? Can we follow you at some social media?




-How many years of experience do you have collecting dolls?

10 Years

-What was your inspiration when you started working on dolls?

Sharing .. We would like to share happiness of playing Bjd to others. I am sure people will enjoy dressing, face-up and photo taking with your own doll.

-Have you got any plans for future? Which?

We hope we can develop our own doll in future

-How do you live your hobby?

We are happy that we can work with our hobby, we can share our happiness with our fans and customers via our business

-What do you think that people like the most of your store?

Mimi Collection can provide a wide range of products with reasonable price for them to shop. Also, Mimi Collection will listen their need and wish to develop a new products for them.

-What is your best-seller?

Our own design Shoes

-Send us five pictures!