Stand Application Information DF 2017

This is a copy of the text you’ll receive when you send us your completed form. You must return the  document signed with your ID

Stand Application Information for Dolly Festival 2017

Just remember: Unfortunately and due to space limitations, neither the acts of pre-registration nor registration can guarantee a stall.

The method of allocation of stalls will be related to the variety and quality of the products offered by the different stands, and proportionality and equality criteria will be enforced. In other words, not being a well-known person is not important when making our decision =)


Regarding the characteristics of the stand:

  1. The price of the table/display is 55€ for both days includes: a two-day pass (for two people), a welcome pack, a 2x1m table and two chairs. A second welcome pack can be added for 5€ extra.
  2. Nothing may stick out of the surface of the table, either from the sides or from the front. The maximum height allowed for dioramas or exhibitors is 70cm.
  3. Unless expressed otherwise, it is not allowed to hang any posters on the wall behind the stall.
  4. Unless expressed otherwise in any future e-mail, the tables won’t have any cover clothe, so we recommend that each stand use their own fabric. Regarding the stand application procedure:
  5. The stall will be granted once the payment has been made, through transfer or PayPal, in the period stipulated in the adjudication e-mail. The payment of the table will not be refundable in case of non-attendance. The money will only be refunded if the event is cancelled.
  6. To accept attending as a Dolly Festival stall forces you to be present as such during the entire two-day event, that means, your stand should be set up on Saturday before opening doors and be dismantled on Sunday at closing time. You can take it down on Saturday evening after the closing of doors, and reassemble on Sunday. Any possible inconvenience (illness, travel tickets departing before closing doors …) must be notified in advance of the organization.

Regulations for requesting a stand:

  1. Your products have to be doll related. Thus, customized dolls and artisian dolls are allowed, clothes or accessories for them, dioramas, etc … It is forbidden the sale of articles not related to them (accesories for person, for example)
  2. We need to organize the stands so, you have to specify the items that you will take to the event: type of clothes, miniatures, stuffed animals, … Any changes must be notified to the organization for approval.
  3. Individual raffles are not allowed inside the stalls. This removes purchase options from the charity raffle and make the event meaningless.
  4. The sale of second hand items is not allowed.
  5. The organisation will be responsible for drawing up the map of stands, and therefore, to assign the position of the stalls at the event.
  6. It is completely and absolutely forbidden to sell recast during the Dolly Festival.
  7. Dolly Festival is not held responsible for damage, theft or loss that may occur during the course of the event.
  8. Both you and your partner give permission to be photographed or videotaped, and accept that these images can be spread through different means.


The failure to fulfill this requirement will result in the banning from assistance in future editions of Dolly Festival.


Can I share a stall?

Two stores may share a table; however they need to consider the following points:

    1. The two stores must agree to share a stall. Dolly Festival cannot contact anybody interested in it, for reasons of time and organisation. But if you have any doubts, you can contact the staff.
    2. The registration fee for each shop is 30€, and it includes an entry pass, a welcome pack, a chair and a 1x1m table, during the two-days event.
    3. The two stores have to submit a signed copy of these regulations.